The Speedcup

Each midnight, participate at the Speedcup !

Infos +

Season’s trophy

Each Sunday, come and challenge the best drivers on the 1100m-track !

Infos +

Speedkart recruits

You will have realized that, at Speedkart, each member of the team participate to create our park friendliness’s atmosphere.
Do you want to find a great job? Do you know how to be concentrated and happy at the same time? Are you constantly dynamic and motivated? We need you!
We are looking for new trackers and entertainers to take part at Speedkart’s adventure (full time or part time).
If you are available for student’s job during week-end and school holidays, contact us!
You will be taken to supervise adults, children or groups. If you have experience or diploma in animation and if you like sports, you can maybe join the Speedkart’s team!
Contact us!