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Kids Kart Renting


In Speedkart, for kids is happiness!!!

Here we have a 450m karting track only for children. Everything has been created for children (from 1m20). Like this, they can learn how to drive a kart.

The kart is very large for more security; certain curves are raised to create sensations and help beginners because the curve turns on its own.

Kart Enfants
Play Video about Kart Enfants

Karts have an adjustable drive, an adjustable bucket seat for all sizes and a special bucket seat for little children.

Daddy can also accompany his child in this circuit.

First meters; first curves are very important for new converts. In Speedkart, our monitors bring a vigilance and an attention to each child.

A monitor can stop/slow all karts or adjust their speed individually remotely.

But, quicly, children master and gain confidence.

All safety conditions are optimal :

Children track is better equipped than adults track!


Look at the pictures and you will see children with a big smile. In Speedkart, we don’t want to create vocations; but offer to children fabulous moments and memories that they will never forget.

They feel independent and drive as dad and mum: for them, it’s fantastic.

At Speedkart, we are very proud of being pioneers in France in children kart enjoyment.

Children kart

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