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The Endurance
6 hours

Play Video about L’ENDURANCE 12 HEURES

FILM ANIM ENDURANCE V3 – 04-15 from sylvie on Vimeo.

The 6 hours

The 6 hours of Speedkart is the event of the year you have to participate in! A unique race where competition spirit and friendliness are the magic words…

It is a challenge in team of 3 pilots minimum and without maximum. Everybody create his own team. Karts drive 6 hours non-stop without including practice session of 1 hour! Each team organizes its shifts of pilots in stands as well as the provisioning in gas.


A speaker comments performances of each one during the challenge and between two crisis of laugh and of driving, the funny atmosphere is guaranteed ! 

The 6 hours in “Speedkart” spirit, is an organization of professionals, a state-of-the-art material and a staff at your service all day long in order to give you a maximum of pleasure.

The 6 hours offers all guaranties of an unforgettable memory. Easy to overtake, technical nature of tracks, fast and many bends are the main criterias of our 1100m track, which offer a maximum of comfort, security and pleasure from begginer to expert.

A mecanical experienced staff is for you in case of mecanical problem. You can use substitution karts in case of necesity. An electronic timer system, in a giant screan and in TV screans outdoor and indoor, allow you to follow the performances of your team.

1100M track 600€ BY TEAM

An unforgettable meeting :

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