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Innovation and Safety

 Innovation and Safety

We are committed to offering you a relaxing and funny day. Our security policy is very strict, it’s our priority to ensure your fun in a safe environment.
Speedkart allows everybody to try karting: children, teenagers and adults.
We are always looking for innovation. Our equipments are controled each year to improve enhances and guarantee your security.
We always want to create, invent, innovate… Speedkart is also the inventor of some technical solutions! We are now France’s leader for karting rental.

Karts Safety

Our karts are reliable. They are clean, easy to drive and relatively quiet. They are equipped with a resistant bumper that surrounds the entire kart, an anti-vibrations system allows you to have a greater flexibility.

A front bumper guarantees you a real protection during the race. For more comfort, the bucket seat is equipped with a seat cover, some other equipments are available for small sizes. Pedal mechanism is adjustable to suit the size of the driver. Thanks to a system, you can’t accelerate and brake at the same time. Semi-soft tires equipped our karts to provide a better grip.

Speedkart exclusivity: new harness and roll-over protection.

Tracks Safety

You can enjoy your race at Speedkart without traffic jam: all our tracks are wide (9 and 16 metres). You have many possibilities to drive fast and overtake competitors! It’s important because you don’t have to stop your kart due to an incident. It’s a real advantage to enjoy your race without trouble. Tracks are equipped like real car race track: outrun area, vibration zone, protections all around the track : everything is designed to create a safe environment.

More Safety

For your enjoyment and safety, we will give you the pilotage notes before starting and we also assist children in learning to drive karts, mini-bikes and mini-quads.
Our team is composed by pedagogs, focused and attentive people, always ready to give you some advice and to help you. They are situated at heights and have all flags (yellow to signal a danger, red to signal a halt in the race and a checkerboard to signal the finish line of the race).
They are eqquiped with a whistle and a remote control to stop karts, a group or just one kart. This system changes each year. The first one appeared in 1983 and today we are at the fourth generation. Thanks to it, we can also adjust kart’s speed, individually, in group or in all the karts. We try not to use this system too harsh. A stop-and-go (kart slowed for 3, 5, 10 seconds or more) is never very pleasant. In general, we use it when a pilot overtake another one pushing him, thus, the pilot who has been passed can resume its position. This system is perfect for safety, for children and parents.
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