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Fun Kart
160 cc


Fun Kart: 160 cc

Fun kart is especially designed to let you to discover the karting race. If you’re looking for thrills, come to Speedkart! Choose the fun kart (160cc) to try for the first time this sport easy for beginners or experimented drivers. This kind of kart is perfect to offer you a funny race in a safe environment: adjustable pedal mechanism, roll-over protection, comfortable bucket seat, bumpers all over the kart, silentbloc for more flexibility. You can drive fast without danger!

We have a system that stops all the karts at the same time to avoid shock or accident. It’s an important thing for our team to offer you comfort and funny moments. Fun karts are ideal for discover karting: families, teenagers, beginners will enjoy it!

Karts Characteristics:

Adjustable pedal mechanism

Comfortable bucket seat

Roll-over for an entire protection

Silentbloc for more flexibility

Front bumper with a special foam

New security harness with rewinders (Speedkart exclusivity)

In case of danger, a system to stop all the karts in the same time exists.

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