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Our race tracks are always watched by Speedkart trackers. For more security, we adjust the number of trackers according to the group who is in the race.

They’re are here for your security, but also for your enjoyment. They do everything to take care of you and give you some important advices.
During the race, they are strategically placed, you’ll see them all the time. They ensure a safety race.



They are equipped

Our first system dates back to 1983, and since 2005 our remote shutdown system has been 100% reliable. We are now at the fourth generation.
This system allows, among other things, to cause a general stop on all the karts, on some or on a single kart. Likewise, we can adjust the speed of the kart as we wish, and this, individually, by group or even globally.
Obviously, we don’t use this system too much, we want you to enjoy your race !
A stop and go (kart idling for 3, 5, 10 seconds, or more) is never very pleasant. We usually use it when a driver overtakes another competitor by pushing him.
Speedkart’s philosophy: to ensure your driving enjoyment in a total safety environment. Children or adults, everybody can enjoy his day at our leisure park !
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