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Kart : Rental


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The Leisure kart is specially designed for fun and entertainment. Do you want easy handling with a comfortable and safe machine? Choose the Leisure 160 cm3 kart.
Do you have a strong heart and a desire to break records in complete safety? Treat yourself to a few laps on the track in a Sport kart: a high-performance chassis, maximum power and intense and sporty sensations!

All equipment is provided: balaclavas, helmets, comfort belts, neck braces, gloves, shoes. It’s simple at SPEEDKART, come as you are!!!

Giant Timing


The general public rental at Speedkart is an institution!

Everything has been studied so that the feelings of the pilot can be expressed. Even if you’ve never driven, it doesn’t matter, you’ll also have a blast!

Here, we can drive, but above all, we are here to have fun!

The karts and the circuit have been designed for maximum sensations and safety.

Everyone can drive on our circuits: the tallest, the smallest, the overweight, the disabled. No need to be a champion: our circuits and our karts have been designed for Mr. and Mrs. Everyone.
Fasten your seat belt!
Ready to go ??
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