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Birthdays at Speedkart, it’s children’s hapiness!

Our concept has been created for children, but also for parents. Indeed, the area is closed and parents can easily keep an eye on their children. Children and all the accompanyiers can spend the afternoon at Speedkart.

No time limits, you arrive and you leave when you want.

As regards companions, it’s free, as many as they are.


We reserve a table just for you; inside or outside, according to your wishes and a fridge shelf for your drinks and cake.
We think that a cake cooked by mum, or dad, is prepared with more love and will taste better.
(The only constraint: if it’s a chocolate cake, there should be a piece for the boss that; sometimes, has to share with the manageress).


You will only have to pay for children that are present, even if the reservation was for more children than the one who are presents for the birthday. If there is bad weather and outside activities aren’t practicable, no worries! If you want it, you can report it, cancel it (without cost) or you can use the room inside

At Speedkart we are like this: children order, not parents!


Conditions of the child's birthday formula

Minimum of 5 children.

Payment on site, only children present are charged.

Free for accompanying persons.

It's up to you to take care of the drinks and the cake, which will no doubt be made with more love.

Provision of tables (indoor/outdoor) and a fridge.

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