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Organization and atmosphere

Description de votre course d’endurance

Enjoy a fantastic karting race, Speedkart gives you the opportunity to have fun! Even if there is always one winner, everyone has fun all day long!

Individual Formulas

Formulas Endurance


Our fun park is designed to create an unforgettable event! From the beginning to the end of the day, you will enjoy each moment.
Everyone enjoy the race (from 40 to 200 drivers)!

 At Speedkart we invented the 5-seater podium to reward more people and make the podium even more festive.

All your turns are timed. At the awards ceremony, you will get a folder with your results. All drivers can compare their results with friends for fun. It’s always a good part of the day!

Group cohesion, team spirit, stimulation, motivation and recognition are necessary values for the success of your event!

Discover the extraordinary thrills of a karting race!

The event’s structure and organization have been designed for a relaxing and funny time.
Spectators encourage drivers from terrace. They can follow the live through a giant scoreboard.

Speedkart welcomes you for a day or half-day thanks to a restaurant room and a caterer for your meals.

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