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Fun & Sport Kart : Rental

Speedkart: your pleasure is our motivation!

IMG_4223Become a karting driver for one day and have some thrills. Express yourself thanks to the track, you will have a good time with your friends!

Karts and tracks are designed to encourage your enjoyment while providing security.

Everybody can drive: teenagers, adults… You don’t need to be a champion: our tracks and our karts are designed for everyone.

Here, you can drive, but first and foremost you’re here to have fun.

You drive in a group,  the track is large, you can overtake your friends, no radar or red light : you can drive as fast as you want!

At the end of the race, you take another kart. Each pilot has always a lot of comments about the session just ended! The challenge is on for the next race.

  > A giant scoreboard indicates your progress in real-time on the track!

  > Fun Kart is specially designed for the discovery of the tracks (160cc)

  > Sport Kart is a vehicle that will give you maximum enjoyment and feelings (320cc)


Fasten your seat belt! Ready to go ??





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