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Speedkart's karts are suitable for our circuits and our customers.

Of course, we are always asked for more power and that can be understood. We always want more horsepower to go even faster, but power is not always synonymous with pleasure. Driving a small 60hp car on a spinning Rally Stage is different from driving a big 300hp car on the highway.

Speedkart track are much more like a spinning rally stage and our karts are like small rally cars.

At Speedkart, you come above all to have fun while driving and not to drive to be world champion.
Our 100% leisure approach has made us choose and develop karting that is easy and pleasant to drive, high-performance, respectful of the environment and very safe in terms of safety.
All our circuits have been developed exclusively for our karts; they are the ones who “inspired” us. Bends, straight lines, the succession of bends, the location of curbs, clearances when exiting bends, etc.; everything has been calculated for the karts we use.

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